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Minutes of the TWF Annual Meeting 2016


1.       Ben Bowers

2.       Frank Barbrie

3.       Al Miller

4.       James Torres

5.       Nelson Shirley

6.       Derek Harrison

7.       Garrett House

8.       Doug Badon

9.       David Isbell

10.   Shawn Russall

11.   Josh Bosken

12.   Pete Miller

13.   Scott Taylor

14.   Brandon Morris

15.   Evan Vermillion



TWF Meeting 2016 Board Meeting Minutes                    

18 Sep 2016

Time is in EST

9:16 PM: End of General Meeting

9:17 PM: Awards

Youth of the Year: Sam Herring- National All-American, placed in Southeast Region

Vaun Morris- Southeast Region Greco Champ, 2nd   in Freestyle and Folkstyle (Runner-up)

Schoolboy of the Year: Cooper Flynn- Undefeated Schoolboy Duals, placed Southeast Regional both styles

Cadet of the Year (Freestyle): Mason Reinche-    Double AA at Fargo and Southeast Regional.

 Sawyer Knott- beat Mason at State

Cadet of the Year (Greco): Mason Reinche-          Double AA at Fargo and Southeast Regional.

 Sawyer Knott- beat Mason at State         

Junior of Year (Greco): Tommy Brackett

Fargo Champion

Junior of the Year (Freestyle): Drew Nicholson-   3rd at Southeast Region, 3-2 at Fargo (deepest run)

 Eli King- no notes

Girl Wrestler of the Year: (New award)-  Allison Davis- 2-2 at Fargo (lost to World Team Member in a close match)

Coach of the Year: Garrett House

Josh Bosken (schoolboy national coach):

 James Torres (cadet national coach):

 Jeremy Welder (junior national coach):

 Chris Lewis (Fargo Coach, had National Champ):

Volunteer of the Year:                                                Parents of the Spartan Wrestling Club: Held Best of the Best and State Tournaments                          Brandon Morris:

Scott Taylor:

Official of the Year: Kyle Lee- participated on all 3 national dual teams, always there to help.

TWF Member of the Year: Ben & Derek                  Co-recipients

9:45 PM: By Law Changes           

                -Ben and Derek are revamping bylaws in the next 60-90 days. Input welcome.

                -Term time restrictions put into bylaws, with restrictions and non-confidence votes.

9:54 PM: Get Numbers UP!!!!!!!!!

                -Ideas to get Numbers up- Team Sign-up instructions on website and pushed through Region Directors to local high school coaches.

10:10 PM: Schedule 2017

                -Review of the tentative schedule

                -TWF Best of the Best moved up one week to avoid 3 major tournaments on 15 April.

                -Tournaments in Memphis added to schedule (USA Sanctioned events)

                -Movement of Ironman from Blackmon to Summit at Thompsons Station. Much Conversation. From a visual conversation and looking to the public, we need to spread out the tournaments. Scheduling issues need to be taken into event. These are TWF events that sponsor national level teams and events. State Tournament between Franklin and Summit, Franklin won vote for State Tournament. Must have at least 6 mats available. Compensation is $800 and concessions to the hosting school. Recommend rotating tournaments yearly.

                -Is it the job of the Tournament Director or the State Chair/Vice Chair to get the Referees for TWF sanctioned events? In an ideal world it’s the Referee Directors job, however we don’t currently have one. It will be a joint effort between the Tournament Director and State Chair/Vice Chair. Suggested to put into bylaws. State level events will be on the State Chair/Vice Chair.

                -Open Dates Mar 4 & 18, Apr. 15 & 22

                -Concerted effort to include Cumberland and King Colleges into the fold for TWF wrestling events. More to flow, but the potential is there to bring in more kids from other states to wrestle in front of college coaches.

                -Promoting out of state teams and wrestlers to come to in state events. Maybe freeing up weekends to promote out of state wrestlers. i.e. leaving Georgia games weekend open in conjunction with them sending wrestlers to our events.

10:35 PM: Coaches and Team Leaders

                -Any issues with dual coaches.

                -Brandon Morris to help coach Cadet Duals Team 14-18 June.

                -Ben Bowers looking to Team all 3 teams.

10:42 PM: Dual Camps

                - Overlapping Schoolboy, Cadet and Junior camps to help out every team and more time with kids. Modeled much like Illinois. Vote forthcoming in January.

                -Making Memphis a layover for Junior team to stop and train for a couple days en-route to National Duals in Oklahoma.

10:52 PM: TSAA State and Duals Presence

                -Volunteers to run booth at TSSAA State Duals and Tournament, to hand out flyers and promote the TWF.

10:54 PM: Fargo Ideas

                -Building packages and more information on the overall Fargo trip. Team coaches and leaders. Frank Barberie is heading up the effort to get all this information together and out with Ben.

                -Setting up hard times and dates for Fargo trip down payments and timeline.

                -Camp ideas…. Keep kids until camp or send them home like Virginia for the last week or so. Start and finish dates along with TN dead dates. What do we want to accomplish, how long do we want it, what do we teach, where will it be? Do we need a camp?

11:06 PM: Wrap Up

                -We need to get together more often. 45-60 days until next meeting. TNUSA Wrestling on Facebook. 

-Taken by Secretary of the Board Brandon Morris

Minutes of the TWF Board meeting March 2016

TWF Minutes 3/3/16

Recorded by Derek Harrison TWF Vice-Chair



Ben Bowers

Del Hawkins

Garrett House

Jeramie Welder

Dave Isbell

Scott Taylor

Derek Harrison


Account Standing

  • Current TWF Account Balance $5,543.43


Nailen Tournament Change April 9th

  • Memphis may host a tourney this weekend or another local at some point.
  • Franklin or Chattanooga (Ft. Oglethorpe) will host since Nailen is out.


Best of the Best

  • Comprised of 4 Regions (North-Knoxville, South-Chattanooga, West-Memphis, Middle-Nashville)
  • 2 Mat Set-Up for Tournament (1 extra for Exhibitions)
  • Garrett to look for FS Trophy TWF will purchase Greco (both if needed)
  • Adding the following Schoolboy Weights: 77, 84, 88, 91, 94, 100.
  • If any other Schoolboys at different weights wants exhibitions it can be set-up.
  • Challenge Matches after tournament.
  • Team Leaders: Derek Harrison (Knoxville), Garrett House (Memphis), Welder/Miller/Isbell (Middle), Bowers and Bosken (Chattanooga)
  • Garrett House has volunteered to officiate if needed.
  • Gate will be used to pay for officials, Concessions kept by Pete.


TWF Tournament Fee

  • All teams hosting a TWF event will donate $2 per entry fee back to state (does not include Iron Man or State only local tournaments).
  • 15% of State will go back to host team which is Summit this year.
  • $10 for One Style, $12 for Both (local rate)


Tournament May 21st

  • Central Regionals is taking place in Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • Chattanooga or Franklin will host tournament depending on who picks up April 9th.


Soddy Tournament

  • Soddy will host tournament on Sunday following the Maryville tournament on April 23rd. 



  • Pete Miller made notion to look into an indoor corn hole tournament as fundraiser.



  • Use PA’s as a blue print for TWF.
  • Scott will add tournament flyers to site if sent to him
  • Camps and clinics can be posted on site.
  • Meeting minutes will be posted on site.



  • Everyone actively recruit
  • Possible Officials with Experience: Debien, Stevenson, Byron Smith, Madison Martin, Cody Davis, Josh Mackey, Josh Baulke, and Danny Coleman.
  • Cullen King to send pay scale and official cheat sheet to Harrison.
  • Pay Scale $8 (M3), $10, $12, $15, and $25 for Fila Level.  Pay goes up as rank goes up.
  • $50 travel fee for traveling 2 hours or more to tourney.
  • $250 per style for national duals payment ($500 for both freestyle and Greco)
  • Indiana Officials contact may be needed for Iron Man: Dalton 812-215-6916
  • North Carolina Officiating Contact Brandon Harrison 828-329-2099



  • Get everyone on same page, possibly block off dorms.
  • Miller and Welder will be traveling down to Fargo.
  • Miller to get in touch with Cumberland to set up weekly “Fargo” practices.



  • All questions and concerns should be submitted to Ben Bowers (TWF President) at 574-214-8586 or



  • Currently sitting at 352 athletes, which is up from 134 at close of January.
  • Clubs make big pushes to get charters and ensure all athletes have aau cards.


National Team Update


  • Mock-Ups being worked on with check into cash. Could drop prices down $200.
  • If guys want to only compete in one style that is okay.  Hope to bring 2 guys per weight.



  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Training camp in Cleveland, TN at Jones Center Sat, Sunday, and Monday.
  • Competition occurs from June 8th through 12th.
  • Coaches are Bosken and Mansueto.
  • Team Leader Bowers



  • York, PA
  • Training Camp at Baylor Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Competition Occurs from June 14th through 18th
  • UTC has camp *11, 12, and 13th possibly workout training with them.
  • Coaches Torres Head Coach
  • Scott Taylor Team Leader



  • Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • ? on Training Camp
  • Competition date June 21st through 25th
  • Welder Head Coach
  • Bowers Team Leader



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